As everything has come to a halt during the pandemic, our clients have asked how they can keep up with their mental health. It is a valid question that concerns a vast number of people. And it is vital during these difficult times to keep connected to your mental health provider for continuity and to cope with issues such as anxiety, depression, isolation, grief, and hopelessness.

Hygge Healer offers telemedicine appointments through a hippa compliant site. It is as simple as clicking a link on your computer to connect to your appointment.

What is it like?

If you’ve ever done Facetime or Skype, it is very similar except with safety measures that ensure your privacy. You will be able to see and talk to your therapist in real time in the comfort of your home. Your appointment length will remain the same and you will see that it is a wonderful alternative to an in person visit, which is not possible at this time. Your communication should be clear with sight and sound.
At that point, you will be able to have your session with your therapist. Is it an adjustment? Sure, but a very minimal one.

Hygge Healer wants to assure you that we are here for you during these unprecedented times and will do our best to address your needs.