Hygge Healer Counseling

We are a comprehensive mental health counseling practice committed to helping people heal.  Mental health is true wealth; it is everything!  Our thoughts affect our feelings, which affect our behavior.  These thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and they’re more powerful when they’re bottled up inside.  We provide a safe, confidential, empathic space to listen. Together, we help you tackle your issues and free you up for growth, more confidence, and self-awareness.  We help you tap into your “Hygge” and create an individual treatment experience that’s just as unique as you are.


Part of what makes us so unique is our “Hygge” philosophy.  Hygge is a Scandinavian word meaning “Well-Being.”  Hygge is about one’s quality of life.  It’s enjoying the good things in life and being present.  Creating a cozy atmosphere, getting out into nature, gratitude, and self-care.  The Scandinavian people are voted happiest people year after year for their practice of Hygge.  Having grown up with this mind-set, we know how valuable it is, so we help our clients consciously add their own unique Hygge to their daily routine whilst working through life’s challenges.


In addition to being passionate about Hygge, we are Licensed Professional Counselors with experience in private practice, schools, and agencies.  We specialize in working with children, adults, and adolescents who are going through a difficult time.  We help clients dealing with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, self-actualization, coping skills, stress, grief & loss, parenting skills.


Has a past therapeutic experience let you down?  Or left you feeling NOT understood?  This is what separates us, from other therapists.  We make it our mission to understand YOU!  We listen non-judgmentally and believe that the only way we can help you, is to truly get how you feel.  Often, therapists prescribe to the belief that people can only hurt us or let us down if we allow them to.  We, at Hygge Healer, KNOW that other people’s words and actions can be very hurtful and upsetting and this also separates us from other schools of thought.  We want to help you work through troubling relationships and come to a place where you are in alignment and enjoying healthy, happy relationships.


As psychotherapists with performing arts backgrounds, we are passionate about bringing unique workshops and groups to our clients.  We often tap into voice, theater, or movement to give our clients a transcendent healing experience.  

Our team

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Brittany Bur

Licensed Professional Counselor

Cynthia Rowberg

Licensed Professional Counselor