Public will get chance to stream the silent art film in February in New York City

NEW YORK (February 2021) — “2020 Vision” is a silent art installation film that documents the emotional journey of eight people from around the world during the early months of COVID-19 quarantine.

The film, which had its online premiere in November 2020, will expand its reach this year by streaming in galleries worldwide. Its first public engagement will be Feb. 4-18 at Xposed at 505 W. 19th St. , in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood . The film will be projected in the gallery’s windows daily from 5 to 7 p.m. and able to be viewed from outdoors on the High Line .

Beyond this appearance, the goal for “2020 Vision” is to have it play worldwide
simultaneously on March 16 — the one-year anniversary of when COVID-19 sent many parts of the world into lockdown.

“2020 Vision” is the brainchild of Britt Bur , an actor, dancer, psychotherapist and filmmaker with Hygge Healer Productions . She came up with the idea in April 2020 while in lockdown in the greater New York City area, a COVID-19 epicenter during the first wave of shutdowns and restrictions in the U.S. She collaborated with editor Leo Grinberg to complete the project six months later.

They had to overcome the boundaries of safety measures and the borders of multiple countries and continents — U.S. , Germany , Spain and Australia — to produce and film it. Bur communicated with the eight people featured in “2020 Vision” via phone and FaceTime to coach them through their motivations for the film. They were encouraged to reflect on their personal challenges, discoveries and quiet moments at home to find direction for their roles in the film. The actors then recorded their individual journeys on mobile phone cameras and shared the footage with the producer to weave together into the final cut, with assistance from the editor.

“Because of the work I do as a psychotherapist, I knew how much people were struggling in the beginning of lockdown and COVID. But then on social media everyone tried to look like they were living their best quarantine life — exercising, cooking gourmet, building things, learning new languages,” Bur said. “There weren’t enough conversations going about how hard and scary this was. I felt like it was important to show in ‘2020 Vision’ the whole experience — the good, the bad and the ugly — and let people know they weren’t alone in what they were feeling.”

The 15-minute film lifts the curtain and unveils pure, raw, naked emotion — nothing is taboo. It exposes the vulnerabilities, fears, insecurities and imperfections that bubbled to the surface in people’s lives when COVID-19 universally stripped away society’s illusions of stability and security. “2020 Vision” documents the pain people grappled with as they grieved in quarantine the loss of their “normal” lives.

The people spotlighted in “2020 Vision” also capture the resilience of the human spirit. Through pain and uncertainty, they fought to find the gifts hidden in the pandemic. Their stories depict the creative ways people reconnected with themselves during lockdown and, in turn, with each other.

“I think art is one of the most powerful ways to reach people and help be a catalyst for healing,” Bur said. “I want people to feel connected and less alone. I hope ‘2020 Vision’ helps people on their healing journey.”

Britt Bur (director/creator/writer/cast) — Bur is an actor, dancer, psychotherapist and filmmaker. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City with the world-renowned Irma Sandrey. She has an extensive background in ballet, premiering the role of the Columbus Circle Ballerina in “The Ride.” Her Off-Broadway credits include the roles of Lulu and Marguerite in the world premiere of “The Final Days of Vincent Van Gogh” and Josephine in “A Taste of Honey” at the Century Theatre for the Performing Arts. Film credits include “PTSD,” “The Man on the Train,” “Hearts & Flowers,” “The Sophomore,” “Victoriana” and “12 and Holding.”

Leo Grinberg (editor) — Originally from Magadan, Russia, Grinberg traveled to the U.S. 15 years ago to pursue a career in theater. He received his education in Anchorage, Alaska, and then moved to New York City for additional training at The Acting Studio and Matt Farnsworth Voice Studio. His regional credits include “Oklahoma!” (Curly), “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Jesus, Judas), “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” (Hedwig), “Rocky Horror Show” (Frankenfurter, Riff Raff, Rocky) and “Goldrush Girls” (school boy). Off-Broadway roles include “The Final Days of Vincent Van Gogh” (Theo Van Gogh) and “Pentecost” (Grigory). His film credits are “Big Miracle,” “The Frozen Ground” and “Wildlike.”

Stany Coppet (cast) — Coppet is a French actor of mixed origins from French Guiana and French Britany. He grew up between Paris and Cayenne and lived in New York and Los Angeles for many years. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and started his career on stage in small productions in New York. Coppet is mostly known in Spain and South America for his character Khaled Ashour in the series “El Principe” produced by Telecinco Mediaset. He also starred in the feature film “La Vie Pure” (Pure Live), which he co-wrote and co-produced. In France, he starred in “Orpailleur” directed by Marc Barrat and several TV series. Another one of Coppet’s accomplishments is the show “From Slavery to Freedom,” which he produced in 2008 in South America, followed by engagements at the City
Hall of Paris, the U.S. Embassy in Paris and in New York.

Erica Gliksman (cast) — Gliksman is a fire performer, musician, yoga instructor and actress based in the greater New York City area. Her love for performing started when she was young and loved to sing. She’s since blossomed into a multi-disciplined performer who found her stride in fire arts in 2019. She’s performed as a solo act and alongside Medicine Circus in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Nowadays, she can be found dancing throughout the tri-state area under the stage name The Gliks. Follow her on Instagram at @thegliks.

Alexander Kruuse Mettin (cast) — Mettin is a German and Danish actor who’s appeared in more than 30 theater productions, TV series and radio dramas around the world. In 2008, he graduated as an acting major from the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. He lives in Hamburg, Germany, where he acts and teaches.

Tony Partridge (cast) — Partridge is a professional actor with more than 35 years of
experience. His credits include more than 25 TV dramas and films in Australia, plus TV commercials, theater and radio in Australia and in the U.S. He completed his training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Beyond acting, he’s also a professional tennis player.

Orion Phillips II (cast) — Phillips is an actor, R&B singer, songwriter and music producer. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, with a minor in theater arts, from Rutgers University and spent nearly a decade working in music production. He’s also a proficient songwriter. He’s performed on stage and the small screen. His TV appearances include the series “Unforgettable,” “In the Line of Fire” and “Homicide City.” Beyond TV, he’s worked on numerous independent films and on voiceover projects.

Isabel Prchlik (cast) — Prchlik is fluent in German, English and Italian and studied
communications and business in Germany and Italy. She attended Leuphana University Lüneburg to pursue work in international business. Meanwhile, she performed on German stages in Sauerland and Hamburg and trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney. She followed her passion for acting to New York City and was accepted into the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. In New York, she gave guest performances with an interactive comedy cabaret. In Germany, she had leading and supporting roles in off-theatre, as well as day player roles in films for the state broadcaster ARD/Degeto. Prchlik is a certified
coach and business-trainer, working with teams and individuals, from executives to artists in business and privately.

Victor San Andrés (cast) — San Andrés’ career spans fashion photography, publishing, architecture, Web media and branding. His first feature break was as a set decorator for the drama “God’s Forgotten House” (2005) directed by Justin Golding. He’s also the production designer for such films as “The System Within” (2006), “They’re Just My Friends” (2006), “Stanley Cuba” (2006) and “The Box” (2006). He’s a partner and producer of Appia Film and runs the After-Set Film Program, which allows independent filmmakers to showcase their work.

The word “hygge” loosely translates to anything that yields connection, warmth, coziness and well-being in Danish and Norwegian. As a Scandanvaian-American, Britt Bur strives to bring those experiences to her clients as they work through their own challenges. Hygge Healer Productions is a collective of creative projects by Bur — including mental health workshops, books, artistic endeavors and therapy — designed to help inspire people to find their own unique hygge. ( )

Xposed is a non-commercial platform that subverts the distinction between the private and the public. Its multiple aquarium-like windows give onto the High Line park and expose the “nudity” of the space by merging the overexposed beauty with wonder and transform the High Line
by-passers into voyeurs. (

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