The Importance of Hygge in Pandemic Times

Today’s climate of Covid-19 and all its implications is breeding much anxiety, fear, and stress.  Everything feels so uncertain right now.  Fear over our personal health, the safety of our loved ones, natural disasters, and the impact of foreign crises…. We’re kind of desperate for some certainty.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is all about well-being and has a deep correlation to self-care.  It originated in Scandinavian culture and connects to anything creating a sense of coziness, warmth, wellness, and comfort.  We often connect to Hygge through our five senses.  We might curl up on the sofa with a plush blanket and cup of tea.  It can be taking a break to savor a delicious treat.  Taking your precious pup for a sunset walk or simply making time to cuddle him or her up.  For some, it’s a deep connection to nature; getting out for a hike or laying on the sand/grass to soak up the sun.  For others, it’s connecting to creativity/talents like dance, art, music, crafts, baking, or cooking.  There are many ways to get hygge!

Is Hygge the Answer?

With so much uncertainty plaguing us, Hygge can help.  When we consciously create time each day for hygge, we feel better.  First, we are making the time and space for it, which elicits a sense of control.  “There is something I have control over.  I’m not completely powerless.”  Second, whenever we engage in Hygge, we raise our vibration.  Our focus will shift from something unpleasant, scary, or stressful to something that makes us feel good.  Whenever we feel good, we are in the space to manifest positively.  This has a ripple effect.

How do I find my Hygge?

I encourage you to start with fifteen minutes a day.  Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or night block out fifteen minutes from your schedule, just as you’d book a doctor’s appointment.  When it’s your hygge time, your job is to disconnect from all the stressful external stimuli and connect to whatever brings you peace in the moment.  Perhaps make a “Hygge List” and everyday you try something new and see what works.  Treat it like an experiment!  This is your time to play and recharge.