We have finally flattened the curve and the number of cases continue to decrease and most importantly, so do the number of deaths associated with Covid-19.

But questions continue as phase one of reentry has commenced.

I would like to address some key factors that may help you make some good and safe choices for your family.

Only you can decide what is right for you and your family. Do not be pressured or bullied by others to do things that you are not yet ready for! Many people have lost a loved one to this horrendous virus. Those who have been touched in any significant way, may take longer to re-emerge into a different way of life. And that is just fine! Anxieties are at an all time high and whatever it takes to quell those feelings that isn’t destructive should be embraced.

Things we need to take into consideration as the different phases of reopening in your state begins:

  1. Do you or a close loved one have a condition that puts you or them at higher risk?
  2. What will trigger my anxiety vs what makes me feel better?
  3. Stay current on FACTS only! Conjecture is just that and there is plenty of it around!
  4. Take little steps that you know you can accomplish. (A walk in a place that is not crowded, Curbside deliveries, a quick trip to the pharmacy) You get the idea.
  5. Take your time to create a new routine and revel in your daily accomplishments.
  6. Keep difficult anxiety provoking conversations adult to adult without children participating or listening.
  7. Double down on mental and behavioral health! We do not know the long term effect of this period in time! Taking good care of yourself involves your mental health, as well as your physical well being.