Hygge Healer Provides Options for Parents Who Need Support:

Being a parent can be the most challenging job in the world. It’s all too often a juggling act; looking after children, while simultaneously living your own life (career), not to mention keeping your own marriage alive! Sometimes, it can all be too much. You can start to feel overwhelmed, which leaves you feeling inadequate.

It’s easy to drift off to a dark place and beat yourself up. But, we’re here to help you cope with all of this. At Hygge Healer Counseling, we help you get over this hurdle and thrive by providing Individual Counseling and/or targeted Workshops for Parents. We listen to you, give you tools, and help debunk those debilitating parenting myths!

How can Hygge Healer help your parenting issues?

Hygge is a lifestyle deeply connected to presence. When you’re present, you are mindful of yourself and your environment; you are more present for your child(ren). You are more aware of their needs and how your actions are directly affecting them. We help you hone in on transforming those stressful tantrums and other unwanted behaviors. Furthermore, when you’re tuned into gratitude, it has a ripple effect. Your attitude becomes contagious!

Parenting Workshop:

We help you by providing an interactive Parenting Workshop. First, we listen to your specific issues. Next, we debunk common parenting myths by providing the most up to date parenting psychoeducation. We make this workshop user-friendly and hands-on by role-playing and brainstorming alternate techniques. Finally, we help you connect to your Hygge. When you are tuned into what makes you feel good, you achieve a new perspective. You are more equipped to handle life’s challenges..

Common Parenting Concerns:

Things like how to discipline your children, how to get them to do their homework, encouraging their self-esteem, and creating harmonious families. Our job is to put the tools in your hands so you can sculpt a better future for yourself and your children.