It’s getting colder and darker. The amount of sunshine for our day is limited, especially with daylight savings time gone until March. It’s holiday time and all the extra responsibilities that surround it- shopping, parties, family gatherings, and so on. But you don’t feel like doing any of it.

It’s possible you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. What is SAD? It is a type of depression that only shows up at certain seasons of the year. It is most common during the Fall and Winter, but can happen at any time of year! There are certain risk factors associated with SAD.

  1. Those who live in the Northeast or places with diminished sun at particular times of the year.
  2. Those who have relatives who have mental illness, mostly depression.
  3. Those who are 18 to 30.
  4. Women are 4 times more affected than men!

Anyone can have SAD, keep that in mind.
Symptoms include:
Excessive daytime sleepiness
Consistent sad mood
Sleeping late
Not wanting to get out of bed
Not wanting to do your daily activities
Feeling guilty or worthless
Loss of sex drive
Craving sweets
Thoughts of suicide

It is difficult for a lay person to know the root cause of how you are feeling and that is why you should seek out help from a mental health professional.

Those affected by SAD can be helped with counseling, a special seasonal affective order lamp which provides special light, or other recommended treatments by your therapist.

Don’t suffer, Reach out today!

By: Cynthia Rowberg, M.Ed, M.M., LPC, NCC