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We call our “Online Exploration Course,” our introductory course.  It’s basically everything you can get out of therapy, without the traditional 1:1 client/therapist model.  We provide videos, exercises, activities, guided meditations, and tools to help you get insight into you!  This course is designed to be 6 weeks, but can be completed on your own unique timeline.  It is a completely independent exploration process where you can delve deep into you.


This course is perfect for anyone curious about therapy, but not ready to make the weekly (or financial) commitment.  It’s also ideal for someone in treatment who wants more structure outside the sessions.  Additionally, this course is excellent for anyone who wants to check in with themselves and be more intentional in life.


Wherever you want!  This is done completely online, so will work wherever you have internet access.  We do recommend you find a private place!


When we’re not aware of something, it sneaks into our experience whether we like it or not.  This online course process gives you tools to understand you better!  Want to get out of a rut?  Live more intentionally?  Feel better?  Have better relationships?  This course provides resources to benefit you and live life more on your own terms.


The course is designed to be 6-weeks, but can be completed on your timeline.  You can decide to do a little every day, or space it out to once a week.  Whatever feels organic to you!


Click on the “Sign Up Now” button and get started TODAY!  The entire course costs $199.  We look forward to being a part of your healing process.

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*This course is NOT a substitute for mental health counseling or psychiatric care!!!!

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