As psychotherapists with backgrounds in the performing arts, Brittany and Cynthia are passionate about bringing the healing power of the arts to clients.


Presently, we are workshopping “Sing Your Song.”  This workshop is designed for the singer within all of us.  Participate in a powerful therapeutic group process, with the added benefit of music therapy.  This workshop is for anyone who feels there is something holding them back in life.

Music and therapy combined for connection, catharsis, and healing.  Not only will you have the experience of sharing and connecting with group members, you will learn to sing your song by Cynthia, who is a top vocal coach in the tri-state area.


We are also currently providing a “Parent Workshop.”  Parenting is hard!  It’s easy to get overwhelmed.  We provide tools and support by addressing specific parent concerns such as:

  • Effective Discipline
  • Homework Strategies
  • Encouraging Self-Esteem
  • Creating Harmonious Families

Sing Your Song

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